Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Making the World a little better - through Giving.

Give a little bit!

One of the most important principles of our Celebrating Humanity International team, is to give more than we receive.

This essentially means that we do, what we do best, for free for deserving organizations - or organizations that impact the lives of others.

On 2 October 2009, we will honor the giving of the Johannesburg Hospice by running a free team building program, for their staff.

If we all took some time to support the givers, and those who do not have, the World will be a much better place.

There are so many of us who sell our time for money - and passionately talk of "making a difference" in the World. Yet when there is free, unbooked and unpaid for time - do we all loook for ways to make a difference, at our own cost?

We do. And we will keep on doing so!

Here is a little about Hospice...


Brian V Moore

The Hospice Concept:

Hospice is a concept of caring derived from medieval times, symbolizing a place where travelers, pilgrims and the sick, wounded or dying could find rest and comfort. The contemporary hospice offers a comprehensive program of care to patients and families facing a life threatening illness. Hospice is primarily a concept of care, not a specific place of care.

Hospice emphasizes palliative rather than curative treatment; quality rather than quantity of life."

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Transforming Diverse Teams

Here is a great blog, by us, on Transforming Diverse Teams! Enjoy

Transforming Diverse Teams: "Save Money and Time, whilst building your teams - through Celebrating their wonderful diversities!

Even in tough times, the Dept. of Labour requires all companies to conduct diversity training. Yet these times require, more than ever, that companies build and motivate their teams. Celebrating Humanity ensures that you can do both!

The Consul General of the US Consulate, in Durban South Africa described our Celebrating Humanity programme as:- 'An unparalleled experience in cultural sensitization and team-building!'

Simply because you get both, at the same time - a Services Seta registered Workplace Diversity Training programme- and a stunning Team Build, that actually builds teams, respect, accountability and unity!"